Thursday, September 21, 2017

It is modified WSJT-X software forked from WSJT-X r6462.

JTDX supports JT9, JT65 and T10 digital modes for HF amateur radio communication, focused on DXing and being shaped by community of DXers. © 2016-2017 by Igor Chernikov, UA3DJY
It is created with contributions from
ES1JA, G7OED, MM0HVU, RA4UDC, UA3ALE, US-E-12, VE3NEA  and LY3BG family: Vytas and Rimas Kudelis

WSJTx ©2001-2017 by Joe Taylor, K1JT, with grateful  Acknowledgment for contributions from AC6SL, AE4JY, DJ0OT, G4KLA, G4WJS, IW3RAB, K3WYC, K9AN, KA6MAL, KA9Q, KB1ZMX, KD6EKQ, KI7MT, KK1D, ND0B, PY2SDR, VK3ACF, VK4BDJ, W4TI, W4TV, and W9MDB

JTDX is licensed under the terms of Version3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

JTSDK Credits

JTSDK by Greg Beam, Joe Taylor

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By HF Community
JTDX© By HF Community Igor UA3DJY