JT65 - JT9 - T10 - FT8 - WSPR 

JTDX 18.1.106 for evaluation and on air tests 7th December, testing suggests:
For test purposes, not general release!

Please read and make yourself familiar with the changelogs and instructions before testing any new features.
If you are comfortable using step software please report any issues found in the group.
If you are not comfortable using step software for trial, testing please do not install and continue to use existing release version please.
Please carry out a clean install, see guides, JTDXT10 YouTube, this preserves your installed version as these steps are for testing and evaluation.
If you experience any issues please carry out a new, clean install using a unique rig name for the clean install, please do not delete your old version, backup your log and other files relevant to JTDX and assign a “unique rig name to this installation”